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About us

Modern solutions:
We work with advanced world-renowned IT technology
so that we can put the most effective and efficient tools
to use in helping you to overcome challenges and grow your business.
& passion for results!

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  • Completion of the project

    The most important step in the development is the ultimate goal, and thus test the project and its start. We conduct full testing of all functions of the site and run it.

  • Programming and Coding

    We use new technology: PHP, HTML5, Javascript+jQuery, CSS3, Rubby, mySQL, Canvas, XML.

  • Creating design

    The success of the site is almost always depends on design.Same here you can uncover all their ideas, and we in turn offer you the newest design trends. You can choose a ready template which can be edited if you wish.

  • Study competitors

    We must clearly define and analyze websites of competitors.We strictly perform your tasks

  • The formation of ideas and concepts

    The main task of this stage - as accurately understand and implement your idea. For this purpose we develop together with you your approximate scheme project, which is gradually improving according to your wishes.

  • Marketing

    If required, conduct detailed market analysis, do marketolohichni research.

  • Start

    First of all, we are introduced to your project, draw up the TOR, which agree with you.

Work facts

Why Choose us.


Customer satisfaction


Finished projects


Working hours


Participation in training

Creative design

Best use

Adaptability in all devices

Flash animation

How we are working

Our workflow in 3th steps


We plan the work properly most of the time to create quality products


We provide site interesting and stylish design. This will allow you to have a good presentation. A set of useful features and intuitive interface

Testing and start of Project

Our main goal - a successful project and customer satisfaction!


We offer the following discounts and gifts on site development for You.

Corporate website


  • Start and Project Analyst
  • Interface Designу
  • Design
  • Availability admin part
  • Hosting for one year
  • Connectivity Google Analytics
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Testing in others browsers
  • + Additional modules
  • + Support
  • + SEO optimization
  • + Registration
  • + Creating a logo
  • + Protection against hacking
  • + Subscribe mail messages to customers
  • + Others wishes
  • + better package opportunities


from $449

  • Preparation of technical and market analysis
  • Design and development
  • Realosation of the main functions of the site
  • Modern content management system
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Unlimited categories
  • Hosting for one year
  • Others functions
  • + Automated payment modules
  • + Advanced filters
  • + Online consultant
  • + Order call
  • + Language bar from 1 to 30 languages
  • + Support
  • + Ability to view product in 3D
  • + Animation,effects
  • + Others wishes

Portals, others


  • Design and development of a business plan
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Marketing analysis site
  • Development
  • Creation of corporate design
  • Control panel
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Testing and Completion
  • + Forum, blogs, board
  • + Installations, plug-ins
  • + Support and Hosting
  • + Others plug-ins, Payment systems
  • + Levels: admin, moderator, user
  • + Send to email adresses
  • + Protection against hacking
  • + Collection levels: admin, moderator..
  • + Adding custom music, video, photos



  • Design and market analysis
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Creative design+adaptive development
  • Compliance with the best new trends
  • Unique content
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Adding cards
  • Animation and Effects
  • + Admin panel
  • + Video background
  • + 3D portfolio
  • + Stylish sliders
  • + Order call
  • + Online consultant
  • + Comments, registration
  • + Technology Paralax, Effects
  • + Others applications


Effective solutions

We study the features of your business, analyze the market and our market competitors. We create the concept of sale, marketing and other nuances.

Promotion, SEO optimization

We provide promotion of your site on the Internet.

New trends

We are engaged in the development of creative and original trends in web art and its trends. Cooperate with other European companies, trends. We work with patents.

Web design and coding

Web design is developed according to the latest trends (trends) in the design, taking into account the client's wishes.


We provide technical support to service sites. Also we make exclusive content.

Redesign, completion by site

Very often our team to give the task to remake the design of the finished site repair work to optimize. Also finish new features and capabilities.


Modern trends






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